Steve & Gail’s Adult Volleyball Program (SG-AVP)

UPDATE – 4/14/2014

Drop-in volleyball for the Sacramento Valley area!!
===Skill development sessions by appointment
YOU want to improve = We want you to improve & enjoy the game even more!!!  Come as an individual or bring your team.  Coach yourself or we can chime in some thoughts.   Skill drills on 1 court – attacking, serving, setting, passing, blocking = technique, accuracy, consistency will be emphasized.

Sun, 13 Apr = 7-10 PM at RCEC
Wed, 16 Apr= 7-10 PM at RCEC
Fri, 18 Apr = 7-10 PM at RCEC
Sun, 20 Apr = 7-10 PM at RCEC

One (1) active location serving all of the greater Sacramento Valley area!!

LOCATION:  { see map below }
...McClellan Park = 5239 Luce Avenue, Bldg D, Sacramento, CA (coming soon)
……Time: watch for more details
….Courts = 8 hardwood courts & 4 tile courts for drop in volleyball

……$6.00 per session  to offset our rent, insurance and other expenses

   Rancho Cordova (RCEC) = 2561 Mercantile Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA
……Time: 7-10 PM each Wednesday, Friday, Sunday & Monday night
……Courts = 2-5 hardwood courts for drop in volleyball
……$6.00 per session  to offset our rent, insurance and other overhead expenses

LEVEL:  All levels welcome; however, be aware that some players are intermediate to advanced on Wed & Fri.  Drop-in volleyball encourages new players to take part.  We are a warm and welcoming group!!

……Courts for coed, reverse coed or youth only may be arranged with sufficient number of players to cover court costs (12 minimum).

……All courts expect 3-touch play with many using a 6-2 or 5-1 offensive formation; some use center front person sets the ball; USAV rules apply; see Guidelines tab for more details

DRINKS:  Water fountains are available at Rancho Cordova

FOOD:  Potluck contributions are always welcome; we try to have some snacks and chilled drinks each day for players

KIDS:  Family-friendly environments are encouraged; Parents are solely responsible for watching over children; Please bring something for your children to do & eat while you play, we don’t have supervised childcare, nor a set aside place for them to play; we all want them to be safe and productively entertained – then you may play and enjoy the sport!



Rancho Cordova Events Center






2561 Mercantile Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA

Let others know about this page so they will keep informed. 

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