Sports & Games

Sports & Games is primarily a program for adults to play volleyball  (indoor or on grass). We accept youth with experience (from school or club teams).

Here are some photos of past play times over the years. Current activities are posted on FaceBook through our Adult Volleyball Program in Sacramento Group page and in the Volleyball in the Park Group page.

Group photo of volleyball players
On any given Saturday, a fresh group of players gathers to enjoy volleyball and make friends.
Volleyball players and sound box in the foreground.
Play…volleyball with tunes
Men and women playing volleyball indoors.
Coed volleyball players enjoying indoor games in Rancho Cordova, CA
Wernnie serving a volleyball to the opposing team.
Service! Volleyball players about to receive a serve.
Indoor volleyball players blocking an attack.
Exciting indoor volleyball games in Rancho Cordova, CA
Indoor volleyball player attacking the ball
Indoor volleyball player attacking the ball

Adult Volleyball and Other Games